Back To School

A lot of times we end up buying things at the spur of the moment and never using it. Well, these pieces that I have combined today are exactly those two. I have never worn any of them, ever separately until they saw a new lease of life when I was picking out clothes for…

Pantone Colour Of The Year!

A few months back, Somya insisted that we do a shoot on purple – her favourite colour in the world- I was persistent that I won’t give in this time. She kept pleading and I kept ignoring her requests until one day when I found this velvet fabric.

Review: ELF Baked highlighter

Indian drugstore makeup can never be as good as American drugstore makeup. ELF products are only available in the US however their website does ship to UK. But if you live in India, like me, you are deprived of us amazing beauty products.

My never ending love for stripes

There was a time when I used to fear away from wearing horizontal stripes simply because it makes one look wider and fatter. Yes, this is a true fact, but once I went on a diet and lost those extra kilos, I have become more confident about my body and what I wear.

Recipe: Homemade noodles

One of the easiest and yummiest delicacy one can make at home are noodles. They are my most favourite on a cheat day however you can make them a little healthier when cooked at home. Scroll down to read the recipe.

Review: Aloe Veda charcoal face wash

Now what I love about the product is that it has activated charcoal, it detoxifies the skin, suits all skin types but perfect for ones with oily skin. It also contains aloe vera, is paraben free and not tested on animals.  What the product claims to offer: This detoxifying sulphate free face wash is recommended…

Recipe: Cheesy nachos in 10 minutes

On my birthday eve, Somya told me to cook something, and while doing so it dawned on me how I had just stopped cooking, for so long. It used to make me feel calm and relaxed. I knew when nothing in a day goes like I want it to, getting home and whipping a cake…

Review: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour

I’m a fan of nude lipsticks. I feel they look subtle and are great for day and night time looks both -Because at night i like to go for black smokey eyes. This one was a gift. I loved the colour, texture and the formula. So here’s all about this lip colour.