Recipe: Make Healthy Spaghetti in 10 steps


If you are dieting and looking for something which is healthy and delicious at the same time (which is a rare combination) then this is the recipe for you. It is easy to cook and a late-night Roman staple. The flavours in this blend so well that you can taste every bit of it. The term ‘Aglio E Olio’ refers to oil and garlic. When we cook spaghetti or pasta in garlic and oil sauce this is the decadent dish you get. Follow these easy steps and dine like the Roman’s at home.


Handful of spaghetti
6-8 Cloves of garlic chopped
3 tbsp Olive oil
Tobasco sauce
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Few chopped leaves of Paisley
Salt to taste
Chilli Flakes
1 tbsp Butter



Boil spaghetti in water with salt and few drops of olive oil
In another Kadai, add olive oil.
Once the oil is heated add butter
And then garlicdsc08959
Cook on low flame till garlic starts to change colour
Now add salt, drops of tobasco and pepper
Its time you add boiled spaghetti
Mix well
Add extra virgin olive oil paisley
serve hot with garlic bread

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