10 Things You Should Know Before Your Next Waxing Session

does waxing hurt.gif
Lying down and letting the salon lady apply hot wax and yank out all my unwanted hair is the last thing I all want to do. But on the contrary, it is the first thing on my monthly to-do-list. Whether you like it or not, waxing is an unavoidable part of life. We can skip other beauty treatments, but never waxing. So what if we tell you that this painful process can be a little less painful? Yes, here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to waxing.

Mind that time of the month. Your body is most sensitive during your pre-menstrual and menstrual phase so avoid waxing during that time.
No hot water, ladies. Your skin is sensitive after waxing and also prone to bacterial infections, so avoid going for a sauna or hot shower. Let your skin breathe and recover.
Moisturize well. Your skin has just been through a painful process, the dead skin and unwanted hair has been removed. You can apply SPF sun block cream if you plan to step out or aloe vera gel if you have delicate and sensitive skin.
shutterstock_181842638.jpgWear the right clothes. Tight clothes and spandex doesn’t let the skin breathe after waxing so avoid fitted clothes and those skin-fit fabrics. Be nice and breezy!
Skip your workout. Exercising leads to lots of sweat, which increases the risk of bacteria spreading on your now-smooth, extra sensitive skin. So take a chill pill.
Avoid dehydrating drinks. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate your skin and makes it sensitive so avoid having them before your waxing session.
shutterstock_266132555.jpgExfoliate before a waxing session. Take a pumice stone and scrub your body. You can also use a body scrub. It will let your hair come out easily. Don’t exfoliate after waxing. It can cause acne.
Also avoid the sun. Before and after your waxing session, try and keep your skin covered if you are outside. Waxing sunburned skin can really hurt badly and irritate your skin. So don’t forget to wear sunscreen before and after the session.

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