Review: Ardor, Connaught Place


For my birthday, I went to this restaurant with a few of my friends. It was in the day, so not many people were there and we had almost a whole section to ourselves. The drawback of going in the day here is that there is no good music and not even many people who are dinning here. However, the food made up for everything. The service was fast and the food was quite good.

What to ate: We ordered a whole lot of things here starting with Lotus Stem(with honey and chilli) along with spring rolls, vegetable pizza and vegetable dumplings. The dumplings were a little dry and not something I would recommend. Moving ahead we ordered some Mughlai lunch – Paneer Lababdar, Dal Ardor and biryani. The paneer was quite spicy but finger-licking good. I would also give thumbs up to dal and biryani.


What we drank: Honestly, I have no count of what we drank but I would like to mention about their Oreo mint drink. It is a must have here!

What we paid: Again, I’m not very sure as I lost the bill but it was close to 6k which is decent enough for 7 people.

Ps: We didn’t try the hookah’s here but if you have, do let me know how they are.

Image courtesy: Zomato

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