Foodie Gets Fit

image1.JPGReading this might make you feel like it’s one more rant about just any other girl’s weight loss journey.

Well, not really!  This journey hasn’t started yet and that’s exactly why Prerna and I are writing this blog post.  I have wanted to lose weight for as long as I can remember and don’t remember a day when I didn’t tell myself- ‘I’m not doing or eating this from TOMORROW’ but the true fact is, tomorrow never comes.

I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking and how you can train your thoughts to achieve what you aspire. But somehow, I have never been able to apply this logic to shedding off those 5 extra kgs which are a result of our staple food – chaat and junk!

But as we started this blog, we thought it was vital to lose weight because naturally I am not comfortable with my extra kilos, if I was, that would show.  But because I hate being overweight and feel unhealthy, it was vital to get back on a healthy ‘diet’ plan.

But we’ve failed countless times with promising each other that ‘yes,  kal se pakka’.  So we’re kick starting the #foodiegetsfit and we’re going to be documenting our journey each step of the way whether it’s a cheat day, a beer we had or a new cool recipe we tried.  In fact, a friend of mine has been kind enough to send me a workout routine that I would share with you next.

I’ll be updating our daily status on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

I would love to make this a community of like-minded people who can’t stay away from samosas but feel guilty when they’re seeing their waist expand like bhaturas. If you’re one of us, write to us at and share your journey.



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