Review: Cafe Dalal Street


I went to Dalal Street after hearing a lot about the concept on a Saturday night. The outside board seems pretty cool and bright. The location on the outer circle makes it a little easier to find amongst other restaurants in Connaught Place. The concept of this restaurant is the prices of the drinks fall and raise like a live stock market. It’s quite cool but to my surprise the execution of this concept doesn’t really happen.

There have been a few bars with a similar concept before (Charlie’s Bar Exchange in Saket) and they were pretty cool when it comes to implementing the concept.

The minute I entered, I saw numbers dwindling on a screen. The ambience was like any other club- drunk girls on the dance floor, a photographer running behind them drinks and men tripping on “nikke nikle shots” except for an LCD screen fixed above every table. 😂

I wasn’t a fan of the ambiance even though they have tried to be different. Anyhow, coming down to food.

What we ate: A four cheese pizza, nachos and some mushroom cheese poppers. The pizza was okay, not great. It was a thing crust and the cheese was quite decently put. The worst thing to happen was the service… The waiters just didn’t come to give us any seasonings or even sauce. The nachos were tasty but the salsa sauce was actually a mix of ketchup and some tomatoes. The poppers were okay, because there couldn’t be much wrong with them anyway.

What we drank: A whiskey sour, some whisky and a daiquiri classic cocktail. The whiskey sour was well made but the daiquiri was not up to or even close to the mark.

Again, my main problem here was the service which wasn’t efficient at all. Waiting time was too long. We sat in the smoking section, which according to my observations is done up the best.

What we paid: 2300 for three people, I wouldn’t go again because of bad service, not so awesome food and the price points of the drinks not being even close to as exciting as they promise to be.

The concept of the bar is flawed and the waiter takes your order without having system where he punches in your order right at the time you placed it. He goes to his counter and enters it, by which time the prices aren’t the same obviously. A tad disappointed with this restaurant. You can follow us on instagram @eatstyleshop for regular updates or log on to


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