Art Goes Street Style in Delhi


Art and fashion have always been flip sides of the same coin. And for me, art is the place I find my inspiration when I search for trends, analyse everyday fashion, and look out for interpretations from designer collections. While I could never translate and find enough meaning in art to critique it, I always knew it tickled a sensory nerve that made me want more of it each day.

I paint occasionally and have never been able to define what I drew on canvas- which at times, is frustrating but also beautiful because it only means that many more stories can be narrated out of a single piece of art. Way back when I was in class five, my mother thought my doodles could be perfected and I could become the next ‘IT’ thing in the art scene. But well, my art teacher was particular that a ‘square should look like a square’ and I never really fit into his guidelines. I left the class, even stopped doodling for a while but his class cemented the fact that art could never leave me.

My best friend and I even hosted two exhibitions across Delhi and Mumbai to promote young artists without any professional training to breakthrough into the art scene. The initiative is called Artistocracy. 

So coming to the point, when I saw my Instagram  flooding with photographs from Street Art Delhi’s initiative, it made me realise what passion could drive people to do. A community of artists from across the world coming together to beautify the city isn’t just another project, but a serious attempt to make people aware of the therapeutic benefits of art. It’s not about painting buildings to quirk them, but about making art more visually available for people to accept, appreciate and critique. In my view, what these guys at St.Art are doing is fabulous and I can’t think of a better way of thanking them but by writing this.

There’s still two days to go. If you’re in Delhi, make sure you visit, and make it count.
Icd, Tukhlakabad, 11 am – 7pm Before 27th Feb. Instagram @startindia

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Until next time,
Somya! 🙂



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