10 Doors in Udaipur That Have Stories Untold

This was one of the first door‘s I noticed in udaipur. I was exploring the city alone,  and I had so much time at hand that I thought it was wise to go down for a walk.  I was a little scared to explore it by myself,  but I was collecting memories nevertheless. Udaipur is a mix of different vibes in one.

It has the quiant of the hills,  the cool quotient of Goa which is basically the ‘cafe culture’ every twenty something wants wherever we travel. I know that a lot of people have this thing with doors, and I do too. Being a picturesque city, Udaipur had me at hello. But the doors pushed me explore more.

When I photographing these,  had no idea I’d be writing about it.  The white overalls of the city were quite mesmerising and to find a pop of colour-either dark or bright set the contrast for my journey.  The architecture was atypically Indian and nothing could replace that.

Every door, be it at the regal Udaivilas Palace, or be it just another door around the nook, they all had something special about them. For me, each of them pushed me as a writer to pen my thoughts down, to think of what I love doing the most and to prepare myself to enjoy my alone time.

It was such an ecstatic moment for me. Have you ever felt that moment of instant gratification? Tell me about it,  I’d love to listen!

Here are the 10 doors out of the hundreds I saw during my visit to the city of Royals.






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