DIY BB Cream


IMG_3337In summers, BB creams and CC creams replace full-coverage foundations here in Delhi. It is hot, humid and the scorching heat is on most days, unbearable. Between the mad sweat and pollution, applying a thick layer of foundation is the last thing you should do. But you can’t get out without a sunscreen or some lotion, can you? Nope. Hence, the BB cream.

Honestly, there are tons of BB creams available over-the-counter, but most of them don’t match our skin tones perfectly. So, the next option is to make it at home, yes guys I tried making it at home and guess what? The colour was puuuuurfect!

This is ALL you need:

2 tsp face moisturizer- to keep your skin hydrated

2 tsp liquid foundation that matches your skin tone – if it doesn’t match your skin tone, add some powdered bronzer to make it work for your skin complexion

¼ tsp primer (you can also use the NIVEA Men’s Aftershave balm if you don’t have a primer).

½ tsp sunscreen


In a container, add face moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and primer. Mix everything. Test on your skin. If the mixture is too light for your skin, add some bronzer or darker coloured powder. Or if it is darker, add more moisturizer.

Voila! You’re done!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Madame says:

    Great recipe! I’ll try it xD


    1. Prerna says:

      If you try it, do let us know your reviews 🙂


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