Recipe: Cake in a jar

cake in a jar.jpgFor every chocolate lover who wants their share of cake with them everywhere they go, this recipe is for you. It’s easy, really delicious and not a messy affair. Well, not unless you dip your finger and slurp. That’s clearly how we like to do it at Eat Style Shop. Go on, slurp.

100gms chocolate slab (dark chocolate)
150gm Amul whipping cream or any whipping cream
Britannia chocolate cake slice
Chopped nuts
2 tbsp crushed Maria biscuits
1 tbsp juice or coke to wet the cake

1. Melt chocolate slab in a double boiler
2. Once melted, add whipping cream and mix
3. Layer the bottom of a jar with biscuit crumbs
4. Add a layer of chocolate mix
5. Wet the cake in juice and place it in the jar
5. Add another layer of chocolate
6. Garnish with nuts
7. Dig into the delicious delicacy

Watch the video for the recipe here


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