Courtesans of Couture With Tarun Tahiliani!

(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani
(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani

A courtesan as per history are entertainers in the courts who’re often also the King’s mistresses who reside in the palace, are an important part in the decision making process and influence the king with their physical appearance.

(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani
(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani

Courtesans are called by different names in different societies. In current day terminology, she would probably be known as a mistress, an escort or an agent. In Japan, they’re called Geisha’s and in Arabic countries they’re referred to as Tawaif- the literal translation of the word.

Tarun Tahiliani’s abstraction of this word was the first thing that caught my notice when I was vieweing the collection. The set, music and dance were just on point, but were the outfits? Lets find out!

TT managed to lure me with the twirling models who were studded in swaroskvi crystals from head to toe. The title of the show, ‘The Last Dance of the Courtesans’ for me meant peeking back at the past, searching for cues in outfits to find out how our culture has evolved over the past centuries.

(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani
(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani

From courtesans, prostitution rackets, rapes and acid-attacks to womens liberation and feminism, India has surely seen a lot. Every outfit in Tahiliani’s collection depicted a high degree of thought and intuitive emotion that rhymed the theme.

Be it the lightness of that lehenga, or the veil that’d been cropped half it’s length; every piece spoke of the evolving history of craft, culture and creation. The colours were a right mix of earthy, vibrant and subdued, but I wish the silhouettes had a little more experimentation.

(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani
(03)-21-07-16-Tarun Tahiliani

But if I had to give you an overview, I’d tell you that this collection is for the contemporary bride who has roller skates on her legs at work and home, and is a realist when it comes to wearing a 40 kg lehenga weighing her down!

Photo Credit: FDCI

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