Day 1: My Diet Plan

Weight loss has always been in my list of problems, so when I did loose those extra kgs, a lot of you had a variety of reactions to it! 

So a few weeks back,  I asked you guys on Facebook if you wanted me to share my diet plan with you and surprisingly so many of you said yes! 

Though I know it’s a little late but between health issues and some travel plans on the cards (hover on to our Instagram) I wasn’t able to post it anytime sooner. But hey, it’s never too late to kick start a diet.

So incase you guys didn’t know, I went on a fitness program a few months back (Read all about it here if you have missed) and it did wonders for me. I had started a diet along with a workout regime, it was called the ‘foodie gets fit‘ campaign. I followed the program for almost a month along with a few cheat days and lost almost 2 kgs. But, I felt major change in inches as I continued the workout for a few more months.

Honestly, I’m not a trained person to be giving a diet chart but I would love to share the one I followed for a month. So guys, a caution, if at any point you feel that you are starving yourself or feeling weak and lethargic, please stop and consult a nutritionist because,  as I said this worked for my body type but may or may not work for you.

So guys, from today on I will share the diet plan for the next day, you can note it down and start following it. Make sure you do any form of workout for atleast 50 minutes a day. I did aerobics, pilates, Zumba, body combat and body pump, one form each day spread over a week.

PS: I did fail when I started off as I was missing my samosas and deep fried bhaturas,  but as time passed, salads and daliyas replaced my daily diet and I’m today and almost 2-3kgs later.

All the best, let me know if you guys want a cheat day too! And absolutely shoot me an email at if you’re looking for anything else. 🙂 


Morning: Take 2 slice of roasted brown bread with peanut butter on it and put onion and tomato to prepare a sandwich.
Have a cup of skimmed milk


Brunch: 1 pomegranate or any fruit that you like (avoid chicko)

Lunch: Mix veg cooked (carrot,peas,potato)+ 1 chapati with low fat curd.

Evening snack: 1 cup of mix vegetable soup.(preferably homemade) with 5-7 almonds and 1 walnut.


Dinner: 1 katori dal any with 1 small plate of salad.

Until next time,
stay healthy and eat right

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