Finally Off My Shoulder!


Talking about trends is easy, but carrying them off is a different ball-game altogether. I have always had broad shoulders and healthy arms. Especially arms, my weight won’t go from my arms (trouble spots). If you’ve been following us, you might know I am not the poser, at all. Specifically because I’d put on a few kilos in the recent past.

So while I was editing this post, it was natural for me to do self-criticism, try to edit out my bad bits and even ‘brighten’ up myself. Just when I was on it, I decided against doing so. We talk so much about body confidence, curvy is the new sexy, dark is beautiful and a dozen other such campaigns. I even write about them in praise when I see such a news online and say a ‘bravo’ in my mind! So, why, when it came on myself did I forget it all?

It’s because we’re conditioned to think so. I have called myself fat a number of times, but when a friend told me I looked plump in one of my shoots, I felt bad. That’s the drama behind fashion psyche; you may self-judge, but the occasional judgments from others aren’t welcomed. Nope, never.


Off-shouldered garments have been a part of the history of fashion, and date back to the 1800s where you could probably reference them in a painting. In 2016 though, it became a huge international trend that’s juggled spots from sexy, glam, conservative to red carpet. I wouldn’t lie, I was vary of trying it out, but when I finally did, I felt this sort of confidence come back into my body. And that, I think sealed the deal for me to purchase this. So instead of being too picky, I let myself look like what I normally do.


I added a stroke of paint to these pictures because, lets just say, I am feeling inspired! I thought i’d be nice to show you something in my own digital handwriting.  I struggled to find a consensus before I published this post and wrote something very few of might read. But fashion for me is about carrying my sartorial heart on my sleeve( in this case, shoulders!). So I guess it was just best to go with it!


It’s funny how fashion can be like flip sides of the same coin. Sometimes it uplifts you, sometimes it belittles you. And that, is the beauty of this subject.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Only
Earrings: Thrifted
Shoes: Ginger
On My Lips: Shade 419 by Inglot

Photographed by Prerna Gauba
Words & Styling Somya Suresh

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  1. akamshastra says:

    Somya i love this. Truly. Fashion for self, not before self-this!


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