Recipe: Dahi Ke Kebab

DSC_0023I love dahi ke kebab, and I think I tasted this dish the first time at a friend’s party, but that was just gulping down something delish down my throat. But it was at one of the local food joints in Nehru Place when the taste lingered onto my palette for so long, I had to know how to make them.

There is a rudimentary difference between Dahi ke Kebabas and Dahi ke Sholay; the latter is basically a friend bread roll with cottage cheese as stuffing. The names for these two dishes are used interchangebly. It’s gotta lot of calories, so you can probably only fry them in limited quantities if you want to be the foodie who gets fit! 

Watch the video, and send us a Snap or an Instagram story of your final dish, may be?

Talking about calories, weight gain and more…I’ve broken down the stereotypes we face as Indian women who’re full-figured in this post. Hope you like it. 🙂

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