Review: Zoella Sweet Inspiration Body Mist

So I confess, I’m addicted to YouTube! I follow thousands of bloggers and home cooks on my YouTube and hence my nights are spent watching them rant. However, a few of them have really inspired me, one of which is Zoella.

A YouTuber based out of my favourite city, London is now an author, entrepreneur and has managed to have a wax statue of herself at Madame Tussades, London. At just 25 ,this super-talented Britisher is an influencer to almost 8 million people globally.
So, when I planned my trip to London, I was sure I wanted to get a few of Zoella beauty products and try them on. Available at Superdrug, I got body lotions, moisturizers, perfumes and bath soaks. Though I haven’t tried all of them yet, I did try the Sweet Inspiration body mist and it’s totally worth it.

I’m a person who loves mild, fruity fragrances and this body mist filled that condition. With a scrumpy smell of sweet macaroons, the packing is very cute but the scent doesn’t last very long. So if you are going out for a few hours, this is the mist to go for! I would say that I love the smell and for almost 800 rupees it’s definitely worth trying.

Rating: 3/5
Price: 8 pounds/ Rs 800 approx

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  1. Roxy Online says:

    Omg Zoe is my favorite youtube too! nice post though 😀

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