The Super Food In Your Backyard You Didn’t Know About!

Most of my sound afflictions for food come from my fond memories of having authentic south Indian food cooked by my grand mother. The rasam, the beans curry and the jaggery filled sweets and savory steam wrapped in banana leaves. Ah, the taste still lingers in my palette even decades later.

But we shifted to Delhi, the metropolitan taste buds became stronger and more dominant. My liking for South Indian cuisine diminished as the pizza, pastas and burgers came in. But because Prerna and I started EatStyleShop and food was such an important element of the website; I had to look back to my roots and rekindle those faded memories.

I was reading a thing or two about super foods the west is currently obsessing over and I wanted to try them out too. But just a quick look at the prices made my eyes roll in surprise and think for better, more affordable options. That’s when I thought of ‘Drumstick Leaves’.


Drumstick leaves are packed with nutrients, around 90 of them are known. But it’s a rich source of proteins, Vitamin C and A, Calcium, Potassium and Iron. All these in just 150 gms of fresh leaves. They grow in the wild, and  you can easily get them anywhere, everywhere. It’s called “Sejna” (don’t kill me if I am spelling it wrong) in Hindi, and “Moringa” in Tamil.

This green leafy goodness is packed with so much that you can definitely tell quinoa and chia seeds to back off. You can make a whole bunch of recipes and it’s on my top list of Super Foods for Foodie Gets Fit.

This time I tried making a dosa out of- the easiest me being a south Indian! Here’s the recipe for it.

  • De-leaf 200 gms 7-10 stems of Drumstick leaves. Wash them in running water and let them dry out.
  • Mix 2 cups of rice flour with 1 cup of water and a pinch of salt to make a smooth runny batter that has the consistency of a Dosa batter.
  • Once this is ready, just add the clean drumstick leaves to it, mix and spread it on a pan like you would to a dosa.
  • Serve it with chutney, or sambar or gunpowder. Enjoy! 🙂

More recipes from this superfood coming up next week! So watch this space!

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