The Curious Case Of Coffee Culture

coffee addiction series 3
Hangover Coffee- Every Sunday Morning, may be?

I have been an avid coffee drinker for as long as I can remember. In fact, even when I was a kid, I used to go running to the kitchen when my mom would brew ‘filter kaapi’ for my father. The aroma filled the entire kitchen with a strange sense of seduction.

Coffee for me has been that one constant romance that no one will probably understand. A recent story I read credits Cafe Coffee Day to have historically developed, transformed and stir up the coffee drinking culture of our country. The article listed how the founder. who inherited acres of coffee plantations from his ancestors converted the homegrown business into an international brand.

coffee addiction series 4
Cozy Coffee- Hot chocolate coffee, socks and a romantic book!

Funny as it may be, but surprisingly, Prerna and I actually became thicker friends because of our shared love for the beverage. Our friendship brewed on countless glasses of ” Two Cafe Frappes Without Sugar, Medium Strong, Please!” from the same chain. We have ideated about the blog, re-structured our throughts and even have fond memories of various situations where we have literally ‘found’ an excuse to order a frappe.

This shoot aptly summarises those emotions. For me, as a South Indian with endless cups of filter coffee brewing at home, I have never really relished a ‘hot’ coffee or any hot drink for that matter. But yes, serve me a cup of black, medium-strong or even light coffee that’s chilled, I am yours to keep. It’s the way to my heart, and I am not kidding.


coffee addiction series
Wake Me Up- The best kinds ever. Served at bed with yummy buttery croissants.

It was only when I met a coffee connoisiure at one of my travels did things really begin to shape up. The fragrance of his cozy cafe in Jaipur called Curious Life Coffee, with a whiff of freshly ground coffee paired with background music of his roasting machine producing ‘to die’ for caffeine to the senses.

coffee addiction series1
Addiction- Endless cups, different flavours, before & after meetings.

Something about the quality and a little chat with the founder,  – an ex-army serviceman who spends a quarter of his year in the hills procuring the best seeds and researching more about it is what truly inspired this shoot.

coffee addiction series2
Late Night Desk- Jotting down ideas with nothing but coffee. Cold & strong.

I think since that day, I haven’t stopped researching, finding, scrutinizing and just digging deeper into the subject of coffee, the cultural changes it got along and even the impact it has on the business of opening an eatery. Tell us  if you have a story about coffee you’d like to share, or a picture you’d want to add. We’ll be happy to oblige! Because for us, coffee is a way of life. 🙂

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