Concealer Review: LA Girl HD Concealer

Prerna has been coaxing me to try a concealer for as long as she got addicted to YouTube beauty videos and started seeing the power of the concealer, quite literally! When I start complaining of my dark, under eye circles which wouldn’t leave me because of excessive screen-watching and (hate to accept it) but yeah, coffee.

“My eyes always look tired!” I often exclaimed after photo shoots. And every time she would say, just buy a concealer, Soms!


But like most products ‘made’ for the Indian skin, a lot of them didn’t suit my tanned, patchy skin. The Maybelline Fit me concealer has rave reviews, so has the Maybelline __. But lack of colour options in the former and availability in the latter, I couldn’t really buy them and get started!

And when the pursuit for the right concealer actually started…with swatches, samples and endless trips to  the mall, I only got back rejected and with sloppier eyes. I agree, finding a concealer is probably harder than I’d imagined. But once I did the splurge, the results were seen!


Coming to the product, I decided to opt for the L.A. Girl HD concealer, mainly because of the wide colour variety. But moreover due to the extremely amazing reviews I read online. But it took me 25 days of waiting patiently for the shade I narrowed in on to be back in stock. I have used the concealer about 5 times for different occasions, ranging from ‘just to errands’ makeup to ‘lets get this shoot done’ makeup, and for all of the testing times, it has sailed well and high.

The packaging is simple, the product comes in a tube with a brush on the tip and costs roughly Rs 500. Even though I was a little disappointed at seeing the size of the product in real life, once I knew it did it’s job, the quantity didn’t matter.

In terms of application though, when you apply it it takes a good amount (may be half a pump of a lotion )to cover your under-eye circle and a few spots here and there.


Since I have un-even skin tone, the orange undertone of this product worked in my favour.  it was obvious you need to buy a concealer that has an orange undertone. In fact,a beaut-junkie friend told me THIS is a step beyond hiding, it’s actually colour correcting (matching your skin tone ) in its this is what I have been told by friend and fellow beauty junkie. If I had to describe the colour to you, it’s a mix of coffee and an orange toffee and look like a milky colour.

In the first ten minutes of application, the product goes dry and even feels a little stretchy. But once you let your skin ooze its natural oils, the concealers sets in.  I recommend you to add a little setting powder if you have oily skin. It will help it stay crease-free because after about two hours it started creasing a bit for me.


OVER ALL: I wouldn’t say it changed the way I look or gave me a transformation but yes, it brightened up the under eye area which obviously had only grown darker over the past years. It’s a great product to have in your makeup case but, do you absolutely need it ? No!  If you are someone who’s applying makeup for office or for a casual date, you don’t need to buy this. But, if do want that flawless, dewy finish, stock up because, what else, right? 😉

Product: LA Girl HD Conceal in Shade Toffee

Price: Rs 509. Available on Nykaa.

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