Indian Fried Sushi


The best part about South Indian cuisine is the variety of produce used in making a dish. They almost compel you to tell a storyn sometimes bitter and sometimes sweet, but always nostalgic. 

I see this as the only advantage of having a beautiful culture to fall back on. This dish is similar to that. Arbi or as it is called in English is the next best thing to potat. Naturally, I always loved it.  But I never knew we could use arbi leaves to make a dish that would look so tasty! 

So when my mom started telling me the variations found in this recipe, I thought it was just to make this a blog post. Traditionally in Tamil homes, it’s made with a mixture of rice and dals. 

But for me, the reference point this time wasn’t my childhood but infact the first time I tried vegetarian sushi –  don’t want to talk about that! :p 

But the way this dish was cut, presented and created made me remember that memory. Have a look and tell me if you’d try it! 

  1. One Cup Rice
  2. Half Cup Chana Dal
  3. 1/3rd Cup Urad Dal
  4. 1/4th Cup Arhar Dal

Soak the above mentioned ingredients for two hours. Later, grind them together in a thick paste. Don’t worry if it’s coarsely ground and has a few granules.

Once that’s done, add the following ingredients:

  1. 1 inch Ginger
  2. 1 green Chilli
  3. 2 Red Chillies Roasted
  4. Half Spoon Tamarin Paste
  5. Salt- To taste
  6. A Pinch of Asafoetida

Clean and wash the arbi leaves well under running water. Take one leaf, spread the paste over it and then cover it with another leaf. Once the paste has been secure with a leaf each on both sides, start rolling it to make a tube.

If your paste is a little runny and you think the leaves are popping ope, secure them with a thread and tie.

Once done, put all of them in an Idli maker and steam for ten minutes. Don’t give it a weight. You can also use a momo-steamer if you don’t have an idli-maker.

Let the steamed leaves cool for five-seven minutes. After they’re cooled, cut them into circles, vertically along the length.


They should now resemble a thin slice of sushi, with the mix steamed and stiffened.


Heat oil in a pan, and shallow fry until brown.

arbi dish 2

For seasoning, add fried mustard seeds and urad dal with salt, and asafoetida in ghee and pour it over the fried pakoras.



Cooking Time: 25 – 30 mins.

Serves: 3- 4 people



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