Review: Colorbar I Pencil Review

I have always liked coloured eyeliners, but somewhere between highlighting and defining my eyes, they end up looking a little tacky. May be it’s because of my bronzed out skin tone or because of my almost hooded eyes. Either way, they’re difficult to deal with when it comes to taking them off.
I have always felt wearing coloured pencils, especially on my upper lid a little ‘awkward’ to say the least. But I saw bloggers and friends wearing it and looking so beautiful, I wanted to try it too. Just then, my sister who’s really big on coloured liners bought a couple of them in OUR favourite colours.
So I went ahead and tried it with a completely open mind because I hadn’t read any reviews or heard of them too. My sister bought it only because she was getting the colour she wanted.
The Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil is a retractable pencil that feels almost like it’s a party for the one who wears it. I love how it glides on to the eyes without having to re apply or go back and forth. The texture of the product feels like a gel liner and looks really fabulous.
 The pigment is very very dark, and strong. The eye pencil comes in whopping 15 shades and I tried the Amethyst Sparkle which is a deep purple with a hint of shimmer. It’ll last you about 5 hours without fading even a little bit and probably 6 hours with all the eye rubbing and smudging I do to my eyes.
The sparkle initially put me off and I went back to the ‘this is cheeky’ feeling, but this eye pencil has grown on me. I have worn it for over two months. Tested it at weddings, tried it for shoots. It looks good, feels great and stays well too.

It costs Rs 499 -the only thing that was stopping me from buying this product. Because the other black kajals don’t cost more than Rs 250 -300, so that was the only deal-breaker. But after trying the product, I think I was satisfied.

Am I excited to try more colours? YES!

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