Creative Musings


The subject of creativity is actually very complex. To express oneself differently is a challenge without any measure but still quantified. Right from my childhood, everybody around me told me I was ‘creative’, but what did it mean?

Of course, the meaning changes every split second and before you know it, you don’t feel as inspired anymore.

So how do you actually identify yourself as a creative person and how do you find that side in your brain, in your heart, in your body? Through friends, family, influencers, books or nature? What is it that inspires you to magic in the mundane, facets of everyday faces and light in the dark, every day?

The day you join school, you’re boxed into categories that you were probably not cut out to do, at all. But you do them anyway, and lose a bit of yourself along the way, gaining logic and the way you make ‘sense’ of everything.

As I grew older I knew and somewhere down the line, I knew a part of me was missing. I was probably a version 2.0 instead of being 3.0. There was no update. But when I pursued my dream career, went to an educational institution that actually helped hone these skills and made me realise the importance of retaining my individuality, everything suddenly made sense.


I started converting my ideas into concepts, and started representing them in some form, shape, material. Be it through art, fashion or photography. I picked up a medium that not only anchored my thoughts but also sailed them.  But there was and still is this hole in my heart which is greedy for more knowledge, and a wish of how my present would be, if I didn’t have to learn that the grass can only be green, and the sky will always be blue.

Because it has taken me a great deal of time to find my footing and be unapologetic for who I am, the way I think and what I wish to do. I have finally, found my style after lot of research, reading and hard work. It’s not been easy at all, but I always believe that “#IamPearl, and the world is my oyster.”

I believe that to find your individuality and your own two feet in the industry,  an institution really does help in findin your voice. A creative institution will help you make the most of yourself and only push you to make you a skilled individual. From creative individuals to creative future leaders.It is important to be in a creative space that lets this happen.

Before you believe accusations about any institution that has done so much for design in India, it is essential to run a check. Do your research, talk to people if required and then pass a judgement.

The ongoing debate about Pearl academy and its credentials have gotten the reputation of the institution to a questionable place. But before different views cloud your judgement, I only want to tell you to check it for yourself.The institution has, and will always be one of the few that lets your heart run free and wild.

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