Review: Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream


I was so happy when I heard that so many of you loved our review of the Lakme Matte lipstick that you actually bought it on our recommendation. For a writer, when what you write is something you believe in and then find readers who believe in it too, is the greatest joy.  I have written so many things I am not too proud of, but whatever I do at, I ensure nothing that goes up is something Prerna and I don’t collectively believe in.


Anyway, getting back to beauty bytes, with all that rage about liquid lipsticks, I thought I was FINALLY time to try them out. Especially since I lost my Lakme red Matte lipstick and have almost run out of my Ruby Woo.
Nyx has been in India for about four months now and while there was a lot of initial buzz about the brand coming to India, other Indian brands really stepped up their game along that.
So I bought my first Nyx product, my first ever liquid lipstick and also the first time I bought makeup from the US, all three happened together.
The Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream liquid lipsticks smells like butterscotch, for starters – which is a good thing. The applicator brush is really smooth and precise and helps give that crisp lines that can get really really messy with a liquid lipstick.
Coming down to the pigment aka colour- I have the shade Amsterdam which is an orangy red shade, but I feel it could have been a little more stronger. The application is smooth, and it takes about forty to sixty seconds for it to dry and become completely matte.
The colour will last about 3 hours without the need for any re-application and will look perfect. But, as most lipsticks go, this one isn’t all that dry- thanks to the butterscotch, I guess! 😀
Most of my lipsticks never stay intact after I eat food and this one didn’t stay on either. It was on the tissue and everywhere else.
The good bit about it, though was how smooth and buttery it feels. It costs Rs 600 and is a really good shade to own if you’re obsessed with reds, like me.
Comparing it to Ruby Woo and the Lakme Matte lipstick, the shade is brighter, bolder and also looks softer. Fun fact- matte lipsticks make your lips look thinner, but because of that orange tint, this made my lips look more pouty than ever! 😉
Will I re-stock this? Yes, but probably in a different shade, because you know I have a lot of them already. Check back next week for the review of another liquid lipstick that I have literally SWORN by all of last month!

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