Quirk Meets Formal

I find it a little intimidating to be categorised under one shelf or one stock because of what I wear. Fashion blogging does that to some extent. Sure, you get that little attention you’re due but over and above that,  I still find it hard to accept that my identity is related to the way I look.

Even after being 25, I don’t have one particular kind of style or dress sense that I love more than the other. In fact, reading books, magazines, articles, watching films and meeting others from the industry has contributed in expanding my love for the subject. It has also given me perspective, clarity and control to move away from the regular and see magic in the mundane.

Sometimes just reading an interview here, glancing upon a picture on pinterest there or even meeting gypsy women in Rajasthan adoring the prettiest silver jewellery helps in shaping opinions, contributing effectively to being who I am today.

A few times this year,  I came across people who met me with the ‘You’re a fashion blogger now look!’ While they must have said it as appreciation, I want to re-iterate that this space is for creativity, for exploring and for learning, un-learning and re-learning. Fashion is more than just outfits, it’s your culture and how you identify yourself to it. 

Hope you’re all enjoying the holidays and eating great food whilst sipping good wine!






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  1. K Suresh says:

    Good perspective of fashion peeked by the blogger yes one can fuse the conservative to the modern and the mundane blossoms

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