Gleaming Into The Sun





The weather will put you down, no matter how hard you try. But it’s not impossible to push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve what you’ve been dreaming yourself as. It takes a different kind of energy, a kind I am yet to discover, a drive I’m yet to experience and people I am still waiting to meet who will inspire me to follow my path without letting the self doubt kill me.

I am my best and worst critic…after my mother, though. I put myself on a scale too often, I meaure my success objectively and if I don’t reach to where I wanted to be, I fall crumbling down with disappointment. This has been a pattern, a grid, a game I have followed for almost all of 2016.

I am not a New Year resolution person at all, but it sure does feel like right time to wash away all thoughts that haven’t become things. Bring in some freshness, re-assess goals and begin, once again. So I hope 2017 is great for me and even better for you all, who take the time out to read and view what we create!



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