A Little Bit Of Gujarat

Gujarat for me has been like for many others, a beautiful reference point that I keep going back to. I remember it was from the first time I went to the state to attend a wedding that I was mesmerized by the state.

That’s when I sort of fell in love with the energy of Gujarat. Even though I haven’t explored all corners of the state, the riot of colours, the culture, the costumes and all the mirror work… it’s such a collection of creative action. You can’t not be inspired by it.

Be it art forms, embroideries, dying techniques, block prints or pottery…the beauty of the state reflects very aptly in the clothes too. So this was my way of giving it back to the state that’s been an evergreen resource for inspiration.

I paired a Kutchi top I’d bought from one of my visits. It was one of those things you buy instantly but probably never end up wearing. This is how I thought I’d style it differently!

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