KIKO Milano Bronzer

I have wanted a bronzer in the longest time ever. After seeing Youtube tutorials I have been obsessed and wanted to get that chiselled look. So I got my hands on the Kiko Milano bronzer. I have known about Kiko and read a lot of great reviews but as they never had a store in India I couldn’t get one.

But on this journey of buying one I realised that buying a bronzer is as tricky and tough as buying the right pair of denims. What I did? I just bought the darkest they had in store and to my surprise it wasn’t for me. However, I was impressed by the quality and pigmentation.

The one I could was similar to a compact powder. The pigmentations was great and when I tried it on a friend with a lighter complexion I had to pass it on because it was made for her.

Problem: They don’t have alot of shades and you have a similar complexion to mine, there isn’t a bronzer for you at the Delhi store
Rating: 3/5
Best part: Pigmentation and easy to carry kikomilanobronzerkikomilanobronzer1kikomilanobronzer2kikomilanobronzer3kikomilanobronzer4

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