Dress-ing Down For Winter

Winter comes with a lot of baggage. The baggage of heavy winterwear. And I like it keep it simple and comfy. So what I love, is to team my dresses with legging and enjoy the winter sun.

However, the credit to this look, must go to my brother. While I was having a sulking birthday week, he tried to make it special with a little bit of shopping and gifts. This dress is something he got for me and it instantly became my favourite. Bell-sleeves, fitted half and flowy, all I want a dress to be like.

So, Somya and I thought of shooting this look. She told me, “It’s too simple Prerna, accessorise it, make it look more stylish.” And all I said to her was that I wanted it this way. I want to dress-down for a change and keep everything minimal.

Finally, after she shot and it, she told me it looks great. And guys, it’s really rare I get to hear this from her. She is super hard to please. Anyway, enough of ranting. Go ahead, see the shoot and tell us what you felt about it.





Dress: Forever 21
Heels: Clarks, London
On my lips: MAC
Photos: Somya Suresh

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