Beach Brigade With Malini Ramani

Life’s a party with Malini Ramani… definitely with her clothes! Every collection by Malini Ramani displays a whimsical, carefree, free-spirited woman who loves her life and wants to live it up. It might not necessarily mean she wants to be the ultimate ‘IT’ girl, but it definitely showcases the nomad in her heart.

Ramani’s designs show her happy side and make the woman who wears her clothes look just as hot, just as beautiful. The collection had colours, free flowing silhouettes and geometry. The monochrome ensembles, the tasseled jewellery and the play of sheer fabrics looked rather interesting and hot.

The show was buzzing with energy with models strutting the ramp back and forth and everyone hooting for the designer as she walked down the ramp to take a bow. This is one show that will go down the memory lane for me.

Photographed by @somyasuresh  for @eatstyleshop. Hope you like the pictures. Do leave a comment if you’d like to see more. ❤

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