Jewel Toned Prettiness!

Jewel tones are something I fell in love with after watching Payal Khandwala design separates that had the most unexpected colours put together in the most cohesive fashion. For those of you who don’t know, Khandwala is an Indian designer and painter who now chooses to translate her art through fabric than the canvas.

Fashion for me has always been about experimenting… about style that’s individualistic and unapologetic. As many fashion influencers say, fashion is about style and not about trends… they ‘re lying. I think it’s a blend, it’s the right way to finding what you can pull off and what you absolutely cannot. I’ll give you an example, the whole ‘choker’ trend is something I abhor. I think it looks like a dog collar- especially the thicker ones. That stems from inability to have a lean, long neck as well. But I still went ahead and bought one to try, because it was lit accessory of the year. So, unless you try a certain trend, you’re probably never going to know if it’s your thing or not.

Coming back to the reason I even mentioned this… my mother is not fashion savvy, she loves her comfortable cottons way too much to try anything new. I learnt about comfort from her and about fashion/ trends by reading and observing it myself. So for this one, I used all the knowledge I had about mixing two colours, two really different fabrics that look and feel polar opposites with what my mother taught me about ‘comfort being king’.

I went fabric sourcing and bought fabric off the mill, without knowing how this garment is going to look, but I just did. The yellow is a chiffon and the pink is raw silk- real not machine made. I wanted a bold look that didn’t really had sequins or starry vibes to it but something that’d make a statement just by its colour. I am glad and I think it worked for.

I quite like how the look turned out, expect I’d prefer the skirt a few inches longer. In the end all I can say, unless you try, you’ll never know. Even if you don’t have that ‘beach’ body, wear a bikini, may be. Even if you don’t have the curves to ‘flaunt’ that cut-out dress, wear it anyway. Experiment, try and learn what makes you, and your body feel beautiful. It’s un-expected!

1 jewel toned payalkhandwala eatstyleshop

4 jewel toned payalkhandwala eatstyleshop

Oh, I also paired this differently at fashion-week. Have a look and tell me which one do you prefer?

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