The Cubist Rose By Wendell Rodricks

It’s difficult to showcase brilliance, restraint and finesse together. And to put it in one show, it’s really really difficult. In an industry that loves its fare share of glitter and gold, sequins and shimmer… this collection by Schulen Fernandez- who has taken the helm at Wendell Rodricks’ last season, is understated glamour. The theme of the collection was Cubist Rose, making a paradox between the flower, its fluidity with the strict shape and grid of a cube.

The ‘rose’ was showcased as applique on fabric, tailored as an entire silhouette and constructed on glitzy blouses with details that included elements of architecture- where they were sewn together.

The last time I saw  Rodricks showcase was at  Lakme Fashion Week and the two collections were really, poles apart. The colours ranged from teal greens, aquamarine blues, candy oranges to fuchsia pinks. Colour blocking was used in plenty, balancing bright hues laid out in ‘bias cuts’ to look chic.

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  1. K Suresh says:

    Not a fashion man but absolutely stunning is the descriptive cubist rose!!!


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