I Found My Sole Mate!

Saying I am a flats lover would be a lie… but still the truth. When it comes to footwear (fashion in general too), I prefer comfort over everything else. Anything that’s uncomfortable is an absolute strike off for me. I have given away countless heels that have bit my feet; a few that have behaved but can’t be worn for more than an hour are collecting dust in my shoedrobe (I made that up).

Bottom line- I wear a lot of flats and a tiny confession- I LOVE closed shoes. When Fizzy Goblet and Eatstyleshop decided to collaborate to represent their  JUTTI 2.0, I was thrilled! We worked up several themes and depicted them in a unique way, portraying the different occasions you can wear them. From parties, weddings, to the park… these jutti-sneakers are everything.

They’re the right mix of comfort and class. The cushioning in each of them is so well done, you’ll not feel like taking them off. The designs? Well, each of them have a lot of thought put in- and the designer Laksheeta Govil ensures she puts her finest foot forward! Shop the new range online, on their website.

Have a look at our photos and tell us what you think! We’re also in Instagram as @eatstyleshop.



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