The Clueless Fashionista

Remember when you were ten years old and you saw all those ‘didis’ with their shiny glosses and their seemingly alien clothes?

Now step into the shoes of the clueless 10-year-old, except now you’re 18 and you’re that ‘didi’, expected to know the ABC’s of fashion. However I still take a good 10 minutes to find my way around a top with bell sleeves, I’m in constant fear of flashing someone when I’m in a dress, wearing heels is a hazard, not necessarily for me but no one is safe from getting stabbed in the foot by the teeny tiny stilts.

FullSizeRender (1)

When I say that fashion in all its entirety, from mascara to silicone bras, is something that swooshes above my head, I do not say it with the smugness of a pseudo-intellectual.

Fashion, at best is a distant phenomenon that unfolds on its own, while I watch, sort of like a secret everyone knows and you’re kept out of the loop.

Through this series, I intend to go through the motions of my understanding of what fashion is and i hope that at least a small readership will be able to relate to me woes.

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