Review: Perch Wine & Coffee Bar, Khan Market, Delhi

Somya and I had to shoot but we got lazy because… blame the weather! And once we stepped out, it started raining. So we decided to skip the shoot and try out a new cafe that we both haven’t been to! Our pick was the Perch Wine & Coffee Bar in Khan Market.

Let me start by talking about the ambience… because I really I loved it. I love small, cute cafes like this one because they make me feel warm and fuzzy. It’s one of those places where you can sit and enjoy a peaceful cuppa while you read a book and ponder about life. The service was excellent and the staff was really courteous to be honest, but the food wasn’t as we expected.

The restaurant serves authentic European cuisine which is a nice change. There are too many Italian and Chinese restaurants and you don’t get anything new to eat. I won’t say that the menu was grand, it had limited things but they were all nice.

We ordered Zucchini and Kale croquettes served with a red capsicum puree/ sauce, which was surprisingly under the salad selection so we assumed they would innovate croquettes and serve it with salad or something. However, they were usual croquette stuffed with cheese and zucchini. But I still think they were really yummy and delicious!

zucchinni and kale croquettes eatstyleshop perch delhi wine and bar coffee

Moving on we ordered toast with sun-dried tomatoes with feta cheese, which was quite well-made. But they were mixed with regular tomatoes, so it wasn’t like the regular crostini you’d order; tasty nevertheless!

Our final dish was cold coffee- because how could I not taste something they’re known for, correct? But somehow, I’m not a fan of the coffee they served. It was strong and the brew was different than how I generally like my coffee but Somya did like it. The coffee was freshly brewed, hence the aroma was a tad bit strong for my liking. So I guess it’s a matter of difference in taste and preference.

Would I like to go back? Sure! On a rainy Sunday early morning, with a book and a corner table with some country music playing in the background. On the table next to us, they were eating cassava chips, so I’d definitely love to they that and their interesting salads! And I guess Somya would like to try their wines! (Of course, yes, she admits)

Rating: 3.5/5
What we paid including taxes: INR 1006

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