Love for Handloom! Story of my Tussar dupatta

Designers and fashion lovers have been doing their bit to revive dying handlooms in India. India has a lovely smorgasbords of handloom fabrics that skilled artisans have been weaving from generations across the country. Be it tussar silk from Jharkhand, Bomkai from Orissa, or Mangalagiri cotton from Andhra Pradesh , each weave has a spellbinding story to tell. There’s always fear that these delicate crafts might cease to exist one day owing to advance technology. And yet so many crafts have thrived, standing the test of time. You always feel special when you wear one of these pieces, so painstakingly put together by someone miles away. You don’t know who the person is, but you know there are a zillion dreams quietly woven into the fabric.

Team HT City decided to celebrate National Handloom Day by taking out one such handloom piece from their closet that hadn’t seen the light of the day for months or years. We wore it to work, and realised that the joy and pride in wearing handloom pieces is unmatched. See the entire shoot here.

Handloom 1Handloom 3

I teamed this raw silk handwoven suit with a tussar silk dupatta. My mom had bought this dupatta during her college days. It was her favourite piece back then. There’s something very special about wearing handwoven pieces.

Concept & styling: Prerna Gauba
Photos: Amal KS/HT
Hair and makeup: Naina Arora
Jewellery: Apala by Sumit
Checkout the shoot 

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