Review: Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lip colour

So I finally got my hands on the Huda beauty Liquid Matte lip colour. These aren’t available in India as you all know though many Instagram pages and websites are selling the product but it is tough to judge the authenticity. I got the product from Dubai. A friend of mine was travelling and she was sweet enough to get one for me. The colour I ordered was Gossip Girl (One of my fav TV series). It is a bright pink colour, though the swatches I felt it was a little lighter but I guess its not. Here is what I feel about the product.





  1. The packaging is great
  2. The colour has a warm fragrance to it. To me it was like vanilla.
  3. The application is smooth
  4. The lip colour takes about a minute to dry down
  5. It is moisturizing at first but dries up really soon on my lips
  6. Within 40 minutes it tends to dry on my lips and looks patchy
  7. Doesn’t stay too long
  8. For the price you pay (RS 1800) it is not worth it. You can get better options.


PS: I can’t understand why bloggers have been raving about them. For me, it was disappointing. I will definitely not repurchase them.


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