It’s Time For A Holiday, Now And Everyday!

Palm trees, coconut and banana leaves… just the mere mention of these and I am instantly transported to a land that’s full of lush greens, earthy browns and a lofty, blue sky. I am drinking a watermelon juice, I have a straw hat on and I am listening to music that’s calming my nerves. Sounds like the ideal tropical holiday, doesn’t it?

Tropical this year has been a big page in magazines, in blogs and in most trend forecasting websites. Although, it’s just an off shoot of the floral trend given a strong , greener and more Hawaii angle. While I was thinking the trend was just another one I am going to be seeing on the ramp, I was proven wrong. It was everywhere, and I literally mean everywhere.

Bathrobes, bikinis, rugs, carpets, bed sheets, clothing, footwear, accessories. You name it, and you could have the same thing with a tropical twist. But unlike a lot of trends, this one never became excessive. Or may be, I never got around wearing the trend more than I should have!

I have kept it simple and opted for a bright printed dress that was loud enough. I balanced outfit by wearing it with black wedges and just the basic red lip. What do you think?






Heels: Forever New

Dress: Custom Made by EatStyleShop

Ring: Ajio

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