Review: Yum Yum Cha, Saket

There is something about Asian food and my relationship with it. I find myself drawn to the effervescence of the flavours. If you’d ask me to go in a blind for a date with food, I’m sure about choose Asian cuisine as my instant bedfellow.

Thai, Japanese or Chinese… I will never say no to them despite they serving up quite a whacky amount of flavours. The latest addition to the cafes that serve these cuisines is Yum Yum Cha and trust me the food is… *Slurps*

You got the point, know?

You know how sometimes time is against you? It’s exactly what happened. Every time i planned to visit Yummmyyy Yum Cha ( Yes, I’d like to call it that if it were to me), either the person didn’t want to eat Asian or the plan got cancelled or just something went wrong.

But finally, after a few hits and misses I did go.

We ordered Avacado sushi – pungent flavour balanced with rice and avacados; a Crispy Cheese Wontons – your regular wontons with feta cheese filling; a bowl of Sticky Rice – fresh and smelled divine; Asparagus and Tofu along with Noodles – basic but something about mixing asparagus with tofu made it interesting. Every dish was such a palette teaser that it was literally a firecracker of flavours in my mouth and I’m salivating as I write.

I am not a vegetarian but I’d heard so much about their vegetarian food and how they’re trying to break the boundaries with veg sushi that I thought it’s worth a try!

The food was served hot, the sauces served along were all oil-based but tasted great. The one with jaggery and garlic is my favourite – the combination of flavours was so unexpected and went well with so many dishes. I can’t wait to try a version of it at home and probably pour it over some Nachos or mix it up with some tomatoes and serve it as salsa… But that’s a story for another blogpost.

For now, all I can say if you’re in Delhi, but still haven’t had a chance to try YumYumCha out, may be you should! ☺️

Rating: 4/5

Cost for two: 1800+ taxes

Value for money : Yes

Pro tip : Go for lunch so you can stuff yourself with more food! Lol

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