Twirling… Two Fold!

You know that warm fuzzy feeling when someone you know and feel fondly about achieves something they had envisioned for all their life and it’s finally come true? I have been more than blessed to be surrounded by talented friends who are achieving creative milestones in their career . And when someone makes you a part of their success, it feels even better.

somya oot 7 edited

I have known Meenal for more than ten years and my fondest memories with her are when we went for coaching for design school. It was quite a distance from our place and we’d both decided to attend a short creative crash course of sorts to kickstart our right brain a little more. Blame the long rides full of traffic, it was when I actually got acquainted to her and her (what one would call) burning desire to become a designer.

somya oot 6 edited

While I left my passion for design midway to join a writing course, she went on to pursue her true calling. Hop over to a few years… she’s started her own label, The Two Fold Store and I have fused my passion for fashion and writing, right here at EatStyleShop. Call it good fortune or just the universe going around and coming back, ESSXTwoFold happened!

Somya oot 3 edited

I think creativity has a lot to do with individuality and one’s personal beliefs. Rightly so, because every pin and every tuck at her label speaks for itself. It’s clean, clear, minimal, fuss-free, neat, well-made, preserves artisanal heritage, rooted in craft but is modern and yet, takes you back in time. That says a lot about creating a brand with a really strong message. As I was opening the package, the logo and the brown paper packaging reminded me of my childhood- making me nostalgic and of course, elated! It’s the right dose of #MakeInIndia with a rare boutique find you’d spot in the corner of a European street. So romantic, relaxed and a pick-me-up for that beach vacation. Airy, breathable… really, I could go on.

Somya oot 2 edited

But because I couldn’t wait to see what was inside and give it my own little spin. I decided to wear it with something that’s not all in all what an office going 20 something won’t be able to wear. Sure, the world is moving towards a more slow-fashion, organic approach for the better, but because fast fashion is a reality, an inevitable one at that, I decided to pair this pastel green midi skirt with a bright cobalt blue bodysuit.


I love colour but I also absolutely dig the subtlety of an almost nude ensemble. It balanced my really upbeat and hyper personality to the calmer version that I hope to become! So, I thought it was best to mix the two and create this street style meets retro chic outfit, but let me know what you think!

Top: Koovs

Skirt: Two Fold Store

Heels: Shein – It’s my new favourite fast fashion website!

Sunglasses: Vintage Raybans, stolen from my mother

Photographed by Prerna Gauba for Eatstyleshop

Special thanks to Vipul for everything! 🙂

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