Back To School

A lot of times we end up buying things at the spur of the moment and never using it. Well, these pieces that I have combined today are exactly those two. I have never worn any of them, ever separately until they saw a new lease of life when I was picking out clothes for yet another shoot.

It was just the right timing, I’d been losing some weight and it felt like the right time to look at old clothes I didn’t dare touch because of my weight. The white shirt, I never wore it because it was really baggy and loose and the black dress, well, it was too deep and I couldn’t figure out a way to style it without having to show too much skin.

So this one random day when I was rummaging through my closet, I found this black dress and felt extremely excited to try it on and see that the elasticated waist was actually fitting me!

So I gave it a new spin by pairing this really snug dress with an oversized white shirt and the good ol’ pair of white sneakers. The flare of the dress and the overall feel made me feel like a school girl again, so I finished it off with a badge and a school bag! How’s that for reliving old school memories?

backtoschool black and white lodhi colony eatstyleshop_4

Get that rusty pencil box out, sharpen your pencils and take some notes! 🙂

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    Congratulations!! Looking forward to see your answers!!


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