Pantone Colour Of The Year!

A few months back, Somya insisted that we do a shoot on purple – her favourite colour in the world- I was persistent that I won’t give in this time. She kept pleading and I kept ignoring her requests until one day when I found this velvet fabric.

Somya and I had gone to Nehru Place fabric market, a place we both love going to just to explore different fabrics and design our own outfits. There stacked between an array of velvet fabric was this embossed one. The shopkeeper kept insisting that they  had just received this one and is a special fabric. So, my love for velvet took over and I purchased this embossed purple velvet fabrics.

However, the story of this dress doesn’t finish here. I had this fabric for months until I could decide what I wanted to get made of it. I sketched a few designs on paper and then ruled them out. The fabric was so beautiful that I couldn’t do just to it when it came to getting it converted into a dress.

Then, I thought of keeping it classic. Sometimes a classic fitted tea-length dress is just enough to make a statement. I added a touch of newness by getting a cold-shoulder keeping the cut of the dress very basic and classic. The outcome? Is this wonderful piece in purple velvet.

And after I had this wonderful dress ready, I gave into Somya’s request of shooting a purple theme blogpost.

PS: Somya was right, purple is now the pantone colour of the year.

Photos: Jasjeet Plaha

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