Pantone Colour Of The Year!

A few months back, Somya insisted that we do a shoot on purple – her favourite colour in the world- I was persistent that I won’t give in this time. She kept pleading and I kept ignoring her requests until one day when I found this velvet fabric.

Back To School

A lot of times we end up buying things at the spur of the moment and never using it. Well, these pieces that I have combined today are exactly those two. I have never worn any of them, ever separately until they saw a new lease of life when I was picking out clothes for…

My never ending love for stripes

There was a time when I used to fear away from wearing horizontal stripes simply because it makes one look wider and fatter. Yes, this is a true fact, but once I went on a diet and lost those extra kilos, I have become more confident about my body and what I wear.

Ways to wear a white shirt

A white shirt is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Be it a simple collared one, or something that’s with more details, you must own one. We styled this shirt bought from MAX store in Noida with three outfits that you could wear at a formal event or to work, a lunch with your friends and…

Officewear: What to wear to office

I’m generally lazy when it comes to dressing up to office. Even though my office starts at 10:30 in the morning, I hardly have the time to get up, fish out something from my closet and adorn makeup. Somedays I’m so late that I don’t have time to even apply kajal – which I can’t…

Take the Tropical Route

This season, the top trend on style charts is tropical prints. As much as you want to fear away from it, it will come running back to you. Yes, it will! Scroll through any e-commerce website or browse through the racks of clothes in a store, you can’t escape tropical prints. So here I am…

Lace Meets Metal!

I am no style aficionado but this is something I am sure you will love!