Now Enjoy Big Juicy Carl’s Jr. Burger at just Rs. 99!

  Who doesn’t love burgers? They are my comfort food. A juicy, appetizing, soft burger is all you need to curb your hunger. Carl’s Jr, a burger chain from California, recently opened its first restaurant in Delhi. Now, starting this week, foodies can walk into Carl’s Jr. and entice their taste buds with the new…

Review: Cafe Dalal Street

I went to Dalal Street after hearing a lot about the concept on a Saturday night. The outside board seems pretty cool and bright. The location on the outer circle makes it a little easier to find amongst other restaurants in Connaught Place. The concept of this restaurant is the prices of the drinks fall…

When Foodie Goes on a Diet

Did I mention that I’m a foodie? I eat pizzas, pasta and sometimes samosas for breakfast. I have always loved junk and seaweeded all things delicious.

Foodie Gets Fit

Reading this might make you feel like it’s one more rant about just any other girl’s weight loss journey.

Review: Ardor, Connaught Place

For my birthday, I went to this restaurant with a few of my friends. It was in the day, so not many people were there and we had almost a whole section to ourselves. The drawback of going in the day here is that there is no good music and not even many people who…