Love Affair With Florals

I love florals! I guess it is a staple in every girls wardrobe but mine has been raided with them. They say, when in doubt wear white, I would say, when in doubt wear florals. I know this dress of mine will remind many of the Dior floral collection. But hey, this one probably is…

Taking the Saree Route

The best place to find a saree is in your grandmother’s and mum’s closet. I have always been curious of the collection she possesses behind that old Iron almirah, locked and secured with keys that are tucked in her saree.

The Bright Side

The best part about any shoot is to find a new side to your personality with every shot taken. This shoot was about exploring ourselves without having the pressure of following a trend. It was a bright, sunny day and we wanted to dress up in outfits that made us feel good about ourselves.

Seize the Day

In a shoot, there goes a lot of planning and preparations. Every shoot you see has whole lot of ideation and inspiration behind it.