10 Luxury Handbags That’ll Melt Your Heart Instantly!

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A girl carries her world in her bag, and damn is it right or not? Either way, we can’t stop our love for buying new bags. Especially when you see models walking with bags that are so pretty, you want to snatch it from them! This year has been big in fashion. Be it the game changing, record breaking creative directors who’ve joined and left the biggest brands, or in terms of brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton becoming more high-street. The best brands of the worlds have so much to offer that we can’t stop staring, ogling and saving for these beauties!  In fact, some of them even go on sale! (Wuhoo)
Here are the 10 best luxe brands that we cannot wait to get our hands on!

Gucci Dionysus Bag

  • Gucci: Inspired by the Greek goddess Dionysus, this bag is a structured and hard core piece to buy. It’s a beauty to own that’s been designed by the new creative director Alessandro Michelle. The best part about this bag is that it’s customisable! Yes, ladies, you heard that right. You can choose the patch works you want; from flowers to glittery lips, everything’s in your hands to create.LV Cruise BagLouis Vuitton: With the latest cruise collection out, Louise Vuitton’s range of bags is a must-have. From being the classy brand, they have become a super cool one. This duffle bag from the brand is one that will make your travels a 100x more stylish. Say good bye to the boring leather monogrammed bags as it’s time to carry that pop of neon!Prada RobotPrada: If you love science, robots and more, then this bag is yours to own! The electric quintessence of the leather shoulder bag with multi coloured “Robot” appliqués embellished with some glitter is surely something you must own. It has the chillax vibe with a classy tune to it. We heart it!Moschino Biker Bag
    • Moschino: The red biker bag by Moschino is a sure hit not just because of its design but also because of its unique colour. This bag is the queen of all when it comes to the cool quotient and nothing can beat it! Easy to use and lots of space for you to stuff your makeup! Teehee!DG Radio Bag
      • Dolce Gabbana: This bag is all parts filled with edginess. If you love your music just as much, this is the right pick for you. It’s called the Radio Bag, and guess what? It has an in built speaker that you can connect to your phone! Talk about technology mixing with fashion! Omg, we’re in fashion nirvana!

      Fendi Micro Bag

      • Fendi: Micro bags are all the rage, and this is your chance to save up for a Karlito micro bag. Be the trend setter and flaunt this blush pink coloured bag with furry eyes and a studded nose. It’s almost like this cutesy bag is calling you inside the showroom. Aww!Dior Lady Dior Marc Quinn Art
      • Dior: The classic Lady Dior Bag gets a brand new update, guys! The ‘Lady Dior’ bag gets reinvented as artist Marc Quinn puts his realist oil paintings into a Dior bag. Talk about art and fashion. This bag is the one to flaunt at the mall, and especially for the women who brunch.Ferragamo Capsule
        • Ferragamo: The satchel cum bucket bag is made with a silk scarf sourced from the best fabric markets in the world, along with the metallic spheres that hold them together. If you like the rainbow, you just need to put a halt to your shopping and save for these.Chloe Faye bag
          • Chloe: The Faye Bag is a classic, but is still not boring. The bag is such a mood changer, and can move with your from work to party without needing a change. Yes, this bag is a beautiful mix of two opposing worlds. It has sophistication with sass, and if you’re the work-to-party girl, make sure you have this dream in your closet!

          chanel cruise

        • Chanel: Coco Chanel and her style are everlasting. Just like this notebook sized clutch that just stays with you. Do you like reading? If the answer is yes, you need this in your life. The bag looks like a vintage box cum book made with leather and the company’s signature logo. We love it!

        So, which one have you laid your eyes on?


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