Biotique Sea Weed Anti-Fatigue Gel Review


The gel that’s sort of… okay literally changed my life! Owing to excessive screen staring, my under eye circles have become visibly darker. And since my concealer game isn’t too strong yet, it’s a little difficult to hide them with just a touch of foundation/ CC Cream.

I was distraught and desperate, but still unwilling to spend a bomb on an eye treatment or go for a luxury product. I wanted something natural, so I tried a few home remedies at first. But most of them didn’t really work too well in my favour.

So, on a random visit to the medical store, I saw this eye gel from Biotique and just picked it up over the counter. I have heard that Biotique is an affordable yet quality brand, so I picked this gel without reading any reviews (something I avoid) for 190 INR.

I started applying it every day, morning and night till I finished one pot of the product. I tried not to forget applying and the pot went for about a month and a half. You can’t imagine what followed!

My dark circles had become visibly lighter. My friends and colleagues asked me what’s the magic and I was seriously quite surprised to know about this miraculous product that came so cheap. Worth every penny, man; I thought to myself. I should definitely review it, since dark circles are stubborn to get rid of, this had to be on the blog.

The chemical components of the product are all natural. But I must tell you that it smells like a milder version of Vicks and even burns a little like the balm. If you have a highly sensitive skin,I wouldn’t recommend you to try this because I think bearing that burning sensation needs a medium threshold to withstand pain.

Application: Just take a pea sized amount and pat it on your eyes. A slight tingling sensation follows post application but don’t be worried. I recommend you apply it on a clean, damp face and roll with it. Apply at least for two months before calling this a bad product!

I am not sure if this will work for your skin type, but I have a combination type and it really did wonder to mine!

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