Will We Ever Be Skinny Enough for Skinny Jeans?

skinny-blogThe other day over lunch, my colleagues and I were cribbing about our protruding bellies, double chins and other weight issues. And that’s when it struck me – we all are aspiring to be that ‘perfect’ woman, who fits into that sexy black corset dress, has a ‘perfect’ size zero figure, teased long hair and inch-long curled eyelashes. But is it right to shun your own identity and become ‘that woman’ and turn into someone else?

This goal is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we will do almost anything in our power to finish first – and we will not ‘settle’ with the body we have till we do that. Skipping on food, going on the GM diet or other crazy diets, and frequent workouts has become a part of our daily lives. We are all fighting that battle, running after that ideal figure, trying to veer away from that reflection in the mirror and sometimes in our minds. We fear being judged by the salesgirl when you pick up the ‘L’ size or the man in your life when he thinks you are gaining weight. Is this goal becoming too much to handle? Are we constantly judging ourselves and blaming the world for it?
While for some just a dab of lipstick is enough, for others an unnecessary lip job is the shortcut to this goal. Between fake lashes, tummy tuckers and a swipe of kajal, a choice always exists between beautifying yourself or hiding your flaws. But when it comes to others, we never hesitate from passing a judgement on their looks. So, if you are sitting there and blaming the world for creating these invisible demarcations that don’t allow you to love your body, think again. It all starts from you. We start from judging ourselves and then other women. Honestly, more than men it is the women who judge women.
So, ladies, it doesn’t matter what size you wear. There will soon be a time when you will be judged for your endeavours and not dress sizes. And that day will come when we women will bond and stop obsessing about or critiquing our looks.
So my next lunch goal is to talk about the food instead of our bodies.

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  1. What you said in this post, sooo many people can relate to! I am a firm believer in a healthy lifestyle balance. I am 6 ft tall, and I proudly wear sizes L and XL.. I am by no means over weight. I am just tall! Size doesn’t mean anything, and lots of times when people are self conscious of sizes, then end up buying clothes too small, that make them look even worse! Society needs to focus more on healthy balances rather than “looks”… yes, I am all for being in shape, but if you are obsessing over the gym, what you are eating… there is a point where it is unhealthy. Healthy balance is key!! I loved this post, I could go on for days about our society’s take on how you “should” look.

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  2. Prerna says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you agree to my point and don’t believe in these societal norms.


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