5 Tips to Walk in Heels Like Sarah Jessica Parker


“I love heights, haven’t you seen my high heels?” sighs Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ and we can’t agree more. Short women love heels for the height and added confidence, and tall women love heels for the feminine gait they endow. But very high heels also need to come with a warning sign. Even an experienced wearer like Naomi Campbell took a tumble in the middle of a Vivienne Westwood show, and falling on the ramp has become a job hazard for models. If international supermodels find these heels difficult to wear, where does that leave regular women?

No matter how much you may want to avoid high heels, the fact is that most times they are non-negotiable, such as at black-tie events. Make the most of the occasion with these 5 tips:
Rub them with sandpaper: You got new heels? The chances that you will stumble on them are high so rub the sole of the shoe with sandpaper. This will give you extra traction, and that’s always a good thing.You’ll get a better grip on the ground,and chances of falling will also be diminished.
Step forward heel first:Step with your heel first and then your toe. It looks best and actually gives you more balance. There are a few exceptions, such as when you are walking down the stairs – in such instances, step with your heel and toe together. Similarly, while climbing up steps, your weight falls on the toe so keep the toe first and don’t be afraid of holding the railing.
Take small steps:You don’t have to take long or quick strides – and indeed you can’t!Take a breath, walk slowly and take small steps. Wearing heels makes your stride shorter, so you’ll need totake more steps than normal – it’s a good workout as well.
Take rest:Unless you’re a bride or a politician who’s forced to stand for long hours meeting people, no one expects you to be on your feet all the time. So take a break, sit, rest and get up again. It will give your feet the respite they need.
Be graceful: You need to maintain your body’s centre ofbalance and look graceful. So relax your hips and knees, engage your abs, keep your shoulders back, and hold your head high. It is easier said than done but a little practice will help. You can also sing a tune in your head and walk to its rhythm.
And if you do stumble, take a cue from Naomi: Just get up, laugh it off, and keep on strutting! That’s pride!

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