Winters are here!


I’m not a fan of winters! I believe that they are boring, they come with a lot of silence and temperature drop, heavy, space-occupying clothes, dryness and I can rant about it as long as I can. However, this time, Somya convinced me to do a winter wear blog post. After a hundred refusals, she finally took charge and made me to do. The secret is: I enjoyed the shoot!

So, when I finally decided it to do the shoot, it took me a week to decide what I wanted it wear. This Marsala dress is my latest favourite that I bought for fashion week. Later, I timed it with a blue checked wooden overcoat and a gold belt.


I feel winter wear makes me look fatter than I am but this time, I don’t know what it was that I loved it! I wasn’t looking overweight and my new haircut made me look a little different than the usual. However, the only disturbance while we were shooting this, was a dog. I don’t know if he wanted to be photographed or was just admiring both of us but he definitely made it tough for me to pose -I’m super phobic.

Moving on, here is the entire look and I hope you guys will love it.



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