ESS Turns One!


When they say time flies, they mean it. Because just like that, it’s been a year! We posted our first ever shoot on 8th January, last year. It’s both surprising and daunting to realize that it’s already been one year since Prerna and I decided to do Eatstyleshop together. Looking back, I wouldn’t say we have accomplished everything we wanted to. A lot of things kept us occupied and made us put the blog on the back burner, time and again.

While I am pledging for things to be different this year, it would be unfair to not look at the bright side and see what a long way we’ve come. For starters, our first learning is that blogging is NOT easy AT ALL! It’s at least ten times harder than it looks, it’s a lot of dedication and a lot of productive late nights, especially when you’re in a job. The second learning is the constant need to keep challenging yourself.


After each and every shoot we do, we first look at all the wrongs and try to not repeat them. The need to be self critical leads to a lot of dissatisfaction and puts you in a cocoon where you just can’t think straight.

But every time I’ve felt that way, a reader- be it a friend, distant relative or an acquaintance who has seen the blog who I meet will tell me how we’re making sense, and that they love what we do. It just gives me all the motivation to work harder and create better content.

off-shoulder-and-bell-sleeves-trend-9It’s been a roller-coaster with great highs and some lows, but it just wasn’t possible without you coming and seeing our blog posts- relentlessly. Without you loving us even when we got too busy in our lives and forgot to post, without you giving us valuable feedback that made us strive to do better.


Thank you for helping us reach where we have and we hope we can soar to greater heights of creative expression in the years to come!


Lots of Love,

P & S

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