Review: Chambor Xtreme Wear Lipstick

I love lipsticks and my latest obsession are the liquid matte range. After trying out the NYX liquid creme lip colour and got my hands on the Chambor one. Seriously, there’s no better comparison to give out. If I had to pick which one I’d buy again, and again and again- Chambor wins hands down.

They have a huge range of beautiful 18 shades which are available online and at all big retail stores, as well. I bought mine from Newu because I can’t shop lipsticks till I have tried them. The lipstick takes about 30 seconds to turn matte and it stays upto four hours without the need for any re-application or even fading away.

If you remember, we tried Miss Claire ones as well and they were too dry. Though that’s much cheaper, if you ask me I would still spend a few extra bucks and get a lip colour that stays longer.
However, if you think that they would stay through the entire day and three meals, that’s not going to happen. You will sort of need a touch up after every meal but they don’t make your lips look dull or dry. But it’s hyperly pigmented- in a good way, and doesn’t really chap your lips. But I’d still suggest you wear some balm.

I haven’t tried the high end liquid lipsticks, but this has got to be my favourite one till now.

Best takeaway: They are moisturising and lightweight

Price: INR 845/- for 6 ml

Shade: 438

Rating: 4/5 chambor-extreme-wear-transferproof-liquid-lipstick-483-eatstyleshop-3chambor-extreme-wear-transferproof-liquid-lipstick-483-eatstyleshopchambor-extreme-wear-transferproof-liquid-lipstick-483-eatstyleshop1chambor-extreme-wear-transferproof-liquid-lipstick-483-eatstyleshop2


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